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Harlinsdale Farm

3 miles, trail difficulty: beginner

Address: 239 Franklin Road Franklin, TN 37064
Phone: (615) 791-3217
Website: Social Media:

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Getting here - Enter at North Entrance, not main entrance, two lane drive to parking area. Minutes from food and fuel.
  2. Parking & Trailers - ample pull-through parking, etc.
  3. Family Friendly - yes
  4. Trail Difficulty - beginners
  5. Trail Info - sunny, mostly pastoral, shared trails, cyclists, pedestrians, dogs, barefoot friendly.
  6. Amenities - temporary restrooms, water, tie rails, trail kiosk.
  7. Events & entertainment - organized rides by permit only.
  8. Lodging - N/A
  9. Hookups - N/A
  10. Stalls - N/A


  • The trail mostly travels the perimeter of the farm with an added short loop up and down a beginner level hill complete with a view in the winter. 
  • Trails are shared with pedestrian dog walkers with plenty of space to pass safely. 
  • The park can at times be bustling with people, dogs, cars and children flying kites.
  • Mostly field paths in open sun.
  • Must see forested hillside trail in back of property.
  • The equestrian trail at Harlinsdale is open as a self-guided trail throughout the park, uniquely located next to historic downtown Franklin. The trail features 2.62 miles of standard trail and .33 miles of advanced trail throughout the historic farm, once known as the birth place of the modern Tennessee Walking Horse.

    Trail and park amenities include trailer parking, tie rails throughout the trail course, rules and information kiosk, and restrooms. The trail is open for public use on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 30 minutes prior to the official sunrise, to 30 minutes after the official sunset.

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