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Percy Warner Park

8.7 miles, trail difficulty: beginner

Address: 2500 Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville TN
Phone: (615) 370-8051-Park Headquarters

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Getting here - The drive to the park is mostly through busy urban roads. The entrance of the park is a paved two lane drive with ample room for trailers to pass one another. Fuel and food within minutes.
  2. Parking & Trailers - The parking lot is a small gravel lot that may require the ability to back a trailer on busy days.
  3. Family Friendly - yes
  4. Trail Difficulty - beginner to intermediate
  5.  Trail Info - shaded, shared horse trails, some hills and cyclists at road crossings.
  6. Amenities - restrooms, hitching rails, picnic tables, water hose.
  7. Events & entertainment - Iroquois steeplechase, organized trail rides by permit only.
  8. Lodging - no
  9. Hookups - N/A
  10. Stalls - N/A


  • Shoes or boots recommended
  • shady trails with mature hardwood forests
  • Percy Warner Park, along with Edwin Warner Park form one of the largest municipal parks in Tennessee, together at 3,100 acres just outside downtown Nashville. Percy Warner park has a dedicated equestrian trailhead entrance off Old Hickory Blvd with ample parking. Its nine miles of maintained trails with shade trees, open fields, access to water, picnic areas and winding paths make this a prime trail riding destination.

Trailhead is open dawn to dusk. The equestrian trailhead is located close to the parking lot between the golf course and the steeplechase racetrack.

Metro parks police contact: 615-880-3429 or cal 911 in case of emergency.

Horse Trail Rules

  1. Ride on designated horse trails only
  2. Horse-riding and cyclists prohibited on hiking trails
  3. Enter and exit the horse trail system from the equestrian trailhead only
  4. Always carry proof of negative test for Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggin's test)
  5. Use horse trails at your own risk
  6. Littering and cleaning out horse trailers on Parks property is prohibited.
  7. Organized trail rides of 10 horses or more must obtain a permit by contacting the Warner Park.
  8. Leave valuables at home
  9. Take car keys with you
  10. Cell phones may not get service in some areas
  11. Watch the weather and watch for high water in low areas
  12. Alcoholic Beverages and drugs prohibited
  13. Weapons and Hunting are prohibited
  14. Collecting of plants, wildlife, or other features is strictly prohibited
  15. Contact the Park Police at 615-880-3429 or 911 for an emergency
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