Sewannee University Trails
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Sewannee University Trails

8.7 miles, trail difficulty: beginner to intermediate

Address: 79 Equestrian Dr. Sewannee TN 37375
Phone: 931-598-1000 

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Getting here - The drive to Howell Equestrian is a paved road through the university.
  2. Parking & Trailers - The parking lot is a small gravel lot that may require the ability to back a trailer on busy days.
  3. Family Friendly - yes
  4. Trail Difficulty - beginner to intermediate
  5.  Trail Info - shaded trails.
  6. Amenities - N/A.
  7. Events & entertainment - by permit only.
  8. Lodging - no
  9. Hookups - N/A
  10. Stalls - N/A


Horse Trail Rules

Horseback riding on the Domain is primarily limited to current students. Those who are currently not students must have a valid permit from the Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability. Those with active permits must remain on designated trails at all times.

  • Riding is confined to designated horse trails only. Trails not approved for riding will be marked. Maps of approved trails are available for download here.
  • Trails may be closed at the discretion of the University in the event of inclement weather or trail maintenance.
  • No garbage, rubbish, litter or any refuse, sewage or other material which would pollute said lands or waters or render them unsightly or unsanitary shall be thrown, left or deposited on the Domain.
  • No trees, timber, or vegetation of any kind may be cut and/or removed from the Domain.
  • Trucks and horse trailers may be parked only in the designated visitor area of the Equestrian Center. All permit holders must access Domain trails via Breakfield Road.
  • Riders must be able to provide a current negative Coggins certificate.
  • Failure to abide by any of the above can result in a loss of riding privileges on University property.
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