Yanahli-WMA (Fountain Creek)
Josh Guin
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Yanahli-WMA (Fountain Creek)

12 miles, trail difficulty-beginner to intermediate

Address: Hwy 50 about 4 miles from I-65
Phone: Tommy Edwards (931) 840-4042
Website: https://www.tn.gov/twra/wildlife-management-areas/middle-tennessee-r2/yanahli-wma.html

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Getting here - wide country highways, may include I-65
  2. Parking & Trailers - small gravel parking area just off hwy 50
  3. Family Friendly - yes
  4. Trail Difficulty - beginner to intermediate
  5. Trail Info - rocky, some mud, diverse, old harris house farmstead, duck river, fountain creek, limestone glades, limited markings, fields, roads, rock quarry.
  6. Amenities - no water source, rails or restrooms at trailhead.
  7. Events & entertainment - Organized rides by permit only.
  8. Lodging - no
  9. Hookups - N/A
  10. Stalls - N/A


  • Special Use - Horses and other saddle and pack animals are prohibited during big game seasons. ATVs are prohibited.

  • Hooved animal riding permitted only by individuals possessing a valid hunting and fishing license and WMA permit or a High Impact Habitat Conservation Permit.

  • Hooved animal riding: possession of alcohol prohibited, must ride on designated trails only.

  • Limited trail markings-GPS and map recommended. Trailhead begins in back left of parking area. WMA High Impact Permit Required.
  • Shoes or boots recommended.
  • Mostly flat with some slight elevation changes.
  • Can be muddy.
  • Trails close during hunting season. 
  • Daily hours-Sunrise to Sunset.
  • Located 50 miles South of Nashville, Yanahli Wildlife Management Area or as the locals call it, Fountain Creek, is located near Columbia TN in Maury County. This 12,000-acre day use shared trail system can be found next to the fountain creek bridge on hwy 50, 4 miles from I 65. The entrance can be easily missed with only a small sign and gravel path leading into a pull through parking area alongside the highway.
  • There are no amenities at this trailhead, so I recommend bringing water for your horse.
  • The start of the trail is in the back left corner of the parking lot with a small sign near the end of an old fence row. Once you enter the trail, you’ll ride down a rocky path leading to a limestone glade trail that runs between the duck river on the left and a large pool of water on the right. Be sure to look for the trail on the left and follow the duck river.
  • Though locals try to keep the trails flagged, the trails have limited official markings and can be hard to navigate so be sure to bring a GPS and a map.
  • My phone had decent reception along the way making it easy to keep an eye on my location with my phone’s satellite map. One of my favorite things about this ride is that it is diverse. You’ll ride along the river at times then switch to an occasional stream. You’ll skirt open crop fields, then stroll down dirt roads that lead back to dense cedar forests and tall hardwood canopies.
  • Be sure to keep an eye out for the old farmstead at the end of one of the roads. It is a picturesque estate with the typical barn, fields and historic old house sitting on the hill.
  • Yanahli trails are beautiful in so many ways and if you have a friend that knows the trails, you’ll experience all they have to offer with the comfort of knowing where you are or if you’re like me, you can enjoy it just as much just wandering around until you find your truck.
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Patricia Bowens

This is a beautiful park to ride in. Has different terrain from woods, fields and dirt roads.

It does get a bit overgrown because it closes for hunting season. A few girlfriends and I have been clipping and snipping. If everyone did a little bit every time they ride, it would be maintained. We are in our 60s. A few more helpers would be much appreciated.

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